Beauty Bootcamp


Are you stuck in a rut?  Not sure where to start?  So often, women don’t invest in themselves, because they always put others needs before their own.

But did you know that studies have shown, that it takes only 7 seconds before people have their first impression of you?

If you look put together, people take you more seriously and you will accomplish more!

Confidence in yourself = kick ass in your life!

Let me show you how and give you the tools you need to look and feel your absolute best!

No more makeup graveyard and no more excuses!

Beauty Bootcamp 

Here is what you get:

(We meet in the comfort of your home)

Skincare Analysis

We talk about your current skin care routine and see if we can tweak it for maximum benefit.  I always say, “You makeup will only look as good as the canvas it is applied upon”, so your skin needs to be in tip top shape first and foremost.

Makeup Lesson with Face chart

We do a step-by step makeup application, where I do one side and you do your other side.  By the end of the lesson, you will know how to properly apply makeup using the correct tools and techniques for you to bring out your best features.  You will receive a detailed face chart so you can replicate the look afterwards.

Clean out your makeup bag

We waste more time moving stuff around in our makeup bag that we never, ever use.  We will clean out your bag and get rid of any old expired and unflattering products to create a working makeup wardrobe filled with products that work for YOU.

Shopping list

Part of what makes me unique is that I don’t sell any products and I am not a brand snob.  I am also a big believer in easy and effective.  So you will get honest and unbiased product recommendations that will work for your lifestyle and your budget.


2 hours – $250.00

Never buy a product you won’t use again – priceless!


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Gift Certificates

Specially designed beauty packages to make that special someone look and feel fabulous!  Can’t find what you are looking for? Call me or email me for a specially designed package just for you.

Gift Certificates available here

(All lessons are performed in the comfort of your own home unless otherwise specified and arranged)

The Ultimate Beauty Package

A day of total beauty – the ultimate beauty experience

Skincare analysis

 Makeup lesson with face chart

Clean out your makeup bag

 Lunch at Nordstrom Cafe

Shopping at Sephora and Nordstrom to complete your new makeup wardrobe.

Follow up via Phone or email to answer all of your beauty questions


The Platinum Beauty Package

Skincare Analysis

Makeup lesson with face chart

Clean out your makeup bag

Shopping list

45 minutes of shopping at Providence Place Mall


Basic Beauty Bootcamp Package

Skincare Analysis

Makeup Lesson with Face chart

Clean out your makeup bag

Shopping list


Teenage Beauty Bootcamp Package

Perfect for the young women who is just starting to wear makeup

Skincare analysis

60 Minute makeup lesson

Shopping list



Online Beauty Bootcamp Package

Week 1

Skin care

Customized routine and product recommendations based on your skin type and lifestyle, as well as specific concerns you would like to address. Also, you will receive my very own, personal insider secrets to deal with problems such as blemishes, clogged pores, hormonal acne, age spots, crows feet…..

Week 2

Tools and Products

Brushes and Products required for a basic, everyday makeup application. Tutorial on brushes and their correct usage, as well as proper care. Included is also a list of products everyone should have in their makeup bag, as well as a customized list of colors suited to their skin tone.

Week 3

Basic eye makeup application tutorial  You will also receive customized recommendations suited to your eye color.

Week 4

Foundation and Concealer
Complete overview of different types of foundations and concealers, what they are used for and how to apply them. Tutorial on correct foundation and concealer application.

Week 5

Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush
Proper placement of bronzer, blush and highlighter. Face charts and tutorials are included. You will receive a list of my favorite tried and true products in each category.

Week 6

Current Beauty Trends and my best tips and tricks. You will receive a list of products to update your makeup bag for Fall, as well as a list of my favorite tips and best tricks I have learned over the years.



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