Skincare is so important and should be a priority, but can be a little overwhelming and confusing.  Let me break it down for you. Welcome to Skincare 101! If you are in your 30’s, things are starting to happen in the aging department. You may have noticed the beginnings of fine lines and age spots and loss of collagen, resulting in lack of firmness.  Fun, right?! If you have been a naughty girl in the skincare department, chances are, you have noticed the signs  much earlier. It is never to late to start, but if you are in your 30’s and beyond, now is the time to step it up a notch and bring in the anti-aging power houses.


You should have your basics down, including my beloved sunscreen every single day.  I talked about the importance of good skincare in my most recent YouTube video . (You can watch it here.)  If you are not already subscribed to my channel, make sure you do, as I have many fun and informational videos coming up.



Here is a guide to my 3-step skincare routine.  Print it out and tape it to your bathroom mirror, if you have trouble remembering what steps to do when and what products to use. Also, make sure you pin it to your Pinterest board, so you can refer to it later down the line. I have lots of detailed skincare and makeup product info on my Pinterest boards as well.


Important things to remember

1) Exfoliate at night, so your treatment products can really go to work.  Exfoliating should always be gentle –  never harsh! I also love using this sponge along with my regular daily cleanser as a gentle exfoliant. Double cleansing is another great way to exfoliate and is fantastic for dry or sensitive skin.

2) During the day, combine an antioxidant serum with your sunscreen.  They enhance each other and work better together.

3) Drink plenty of water and add lemon to it for an extra boost.

4) Add a treatment product, such as a retinol, in the evening to treat the signs of aging.  This one is great as well as this one.

I hope you found this post helpful. Another great mystery to a lot of you are makeup brushes, so I will debunk those next.

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