Plump up the volume and a Giveaway

by Kirsten Brusse



I have beauty products come across my desk on an almost daily basis.  I try them all.  (I know it is a tough job, but someone has to do it…).  Since turning 40, whenever I come across a skin care product that promises to make me look more youthful, I am intrigued, to say the least.

Enter, Dr. Brandt ‘Needles no more 3-D filler mask.  It promises to plump, restore volume and re-shape face contours, giving you a smoother and more youthful look.  It is supposed to give instant results as well as improve your skin over time with potent anti-aging ingredients, such as peptides and hyaluronic acid ( a personal favorite).plump2


After using it a few times, the jury is still out on whether or not there is any actual improvement to my skin, or if it is more of a cosmetic “smoke and mirrors” products.  That being said, I consider myself lucky that I do not have too many deep wrinkles quite yet, (all hail to my mother and good sunscreen) so I can not speak to whether or not it actually does improve those. My only issue are the frown lines developing on each side of my mouth.   I did feel instant gratification after using it under my makeup as a sort of primer. My face felt youthful, hydrated and plump.  Here are my results a few minutes after applying the mask:




There have been a few  complaints about the product balling up on the skin after applying it and then attempting to apply  makeup.  I personally didn’t experience this, but I do feel like the proper application can make or break a product. I think the “mask” aspect of this product can be a bit deceiving. Less is definitely more in this case. Secondly, it is super important to make sure the product is completely dry before applying anything over it.  I would suggest doing something else for a few minutes, like maybe your hair, before coming back to apply your makeup.